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Well…. My name is Deja McCrary, I am a wife to an amazing man name Greg, and a mother to 3 beautiful kids. I was born and raised in NYC, moved to GA when I was 16 which I hated at the time but thank god my mother made us move. I can be very outspoken at times but have learned to calm down over the years.  I LOVE food, as skinny as I am I can truly eat constantly lol. My family and I are really into traveling or just exploring the town, pretty much anything to spend time together and have fun. I also really enjoy being around positive like-minded people, I’m a strong believer in energy transference so I try to stay away from negativity. I’ve been through unimaginable pain loosing my son to cancer but strive to continue to be strong for my family! If you want to know more about me then just keep up with my blog post, I have so much to share!family collage

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