Gender specific parenting? self-sufficient parenting!?

So I was recently talking on my snap chat about how I view gender specific parenting, I received so much great feedback and many request for me to share it on here, so here it is!

First I want to start by saying, the way we raise our kids is OUR way, I don’t expect everyone to have the same mentality nor do I think I know everything when it comes to raising children. However I find so many flaws in parents who raise their children based on their genders. 

Society already separates us in so many ways, and I don’t think it needs to be pushed so much from birth. In my household my husband and I do everything. We both cook, clean, mow the lawn, do repairs, parent and so much more. Heres the thing, if either of us were to pass tomorrow shouldn’t the other one know how to maintain? This is also why we teach our children to do everything as well.

Let me ask a question to the ones who raise their children “the old school way” will you be marrying your daughters off when they are just teenagers? Will your sons go straight off to work with a wife to stay home and cook and clean? I seriously doubt it, so why would you raise your children that boys don’t cook, girls should be “lady like” and not do grunt work? Now having those traits are not wrong but it shouldn’t only be that way!

My son might play with his sister’s doll, do I jump down his throat and say boys don’t play with dolls? Hell no, because eventually he might become a father or uncle and should know that being caring and gentle is not wrong for a man. He already shows so much love towards my baby niece because well, he practiced with his sister’s baby doll. He also enjoys cooking, and so does my daughter. Women are getting tired of being with men who can’t do anything but work. Society grows and changes and so, mentalities need to as well.


There is nothing wrong with raising self-sufficient human beings who don’t HAVE TO HAVE a spouse to make it through life. If they know how to handle everything on their own, they will take their time finding the right person to marry and create a life with, instead of jumping into a relationship because they are lost without help.

Disclaimer: Having both skill does not take away from a man being masculine and a female being feminine! And no I don’t believe in that whole let your kid pick their gender crap either lol.

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