Talk to your children about sex, Before someone else does!!!

Hey everyone, and happy New Year! I know I’ve been slacking with posting but I’m going to get my life in order soon lol. Anyway back to the topic at hand!!


So I know this is a very touchy subject, however it is definitely something that needs some addressing. A lot of times parents shy away from the conversations dealing with sex with children because well its weird, uncomfortable, and we don’t want them to grow up to fast. I use to be the same way, until one day my daughter came home from school and asked me what sex was, she was only about  7 at the time. I was completely stuck, I dint want to get into details about the whole thing but knew I had to answer her question before someone else did. She explained kids in school were talking about it and she was confused.

Of course at such a young age you don’t want to get super graphic and give too much information that they may not be ready for yet. I explained it was something adults did, and basic things like that’s how babies are eventually made. I taught her basic textbook information, using exact words for body parts not nicknames and what their jobs were. I also explained that what was taught at home was not for her to explain to all of her friends, it’s up to their parents to do that themselves.  Well I remember putting a post on Facebook after our talk mentioning how I couldn’t believe that my young daughter just asked about sex, and how she heard about it from school. I will never forget that I received a comment stating, “can you please tell her not to share this at school”. I explained I did but felt this was a crazy remark, our kids were in the same class in the same school. If my child has heard about it on multiple occasions I can guarantee yours did too. However you rather sweep the thought under the rug and allow your child to be taught by other children with completely wrong knowledge on the topic. 


Now I get it, like I mentioned before it’s an uncomfortable topic but parents need to realize, whether you’re having the talk with your children or not THEY ARE STILL HEARING ABOUT IT! since the initial time my daughter has told me in every grade, kids still mention sex, oral sex, and everything in between. I’m blessed that I’ve always taught my children to be open with me, so she luckily comes and talks to me about all of this, but if you don’t allow your children to openly communicate with you then I guarantee there is stuff they are confused about and are keeping things from you. 

I’m far from an expert but do believe there are levels to communicating about the elephant in the room. Until they are old enough to completely understand what sex really is and the responsibility that comes along with making the choice to engage in adult activities. Times are way different now, our kids live in a very wired world, between music, tv, social media and everything else our kids get exposed to things way earlier. 

IMG_6400“However, kids who grow up in families where sexuality is openly discussed are not just healthier and happier, but they also postpone participation in a range of risky behaviors including sexual activity, Roffman says. “Talking with your kids is protective … a buffer against what goes on around them.”” quoting US news 

I have some simple steps that are just my personal opinion

Let your child lead in the conversation, don’t over share information. By letting them lead you can get an understanding on how much they can take in at the moment.

Find a comfortable time and place to have the talk. It’s going to be weird for you both.

And most importantly keep the door for communication open, and make sure they understand they can come to you about anything. yes ive mentioned it like 100 times but

communication is key!!!! 


3 thoughts on “Talk to your children about sex, Before someone else does!!!

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  1. Love love loved it! Now this is not because your my daughter😍, but because you articulated this very difficult subject very well. Great advice and I taught you well😜

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  2. I wish my parents could have read this. I had to learn the HARDEST way ever in life. (I didn’t participate in sexual intercourse) but I learned it so fast so young I never really had any innocence to it. I’m a senior now so it’s whatever now, but I really wish that I would have not known about it for a while or at least my parents could’ve told me about it and then I would’ve gone off that.

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