Eczema relief

Hey hey hey, sorry I have been slacking with the post, but with the cooler months approaching I definitely wanted to share some advice.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed Kam (my youngest) had super rosy cheeks when he was a baby. Pretty much right up until his first birthday, everyone thought it was super cute, and how he looked like a doll baby. I on the other hand hated it, in person he looked as though his face was burnt. He had pretty bad eczema, and it got worse when we moved from VA to GA. I was trying everything to keep his skin soothed. I’m all for natural ways of healing things so we did oatmeal baths, apple cider vinegar baths, every kind of cream you can think of and so much more. Through trial and error I was able to get it under control. My ways might not work for everyone because everyone is different and responds differently, however I’m hoping this works for some of y’all and your young-ins and brings you some relief.

Ok first apple cider vinegar is like a holy grail in my house. I will make a post later on all of the uses and benefits of it but for today it works great for eczema. Either add it to your bath or your babies bath water to help heal the skin. Depending upon how much water is in the tub add about 1/2 cup for adults and 1/3 for children. Another way to use it is dabbing it directly on the affected areas, when I first did this with kam I would dilute it and use a cotton pad and dab it on. Let it sit, it doesn’t need to be washed off and the smell goes away eventually.

Next MOISTURE , moisture is key, there are so many lotions out there that say they work great for eczema but have never worked for us. Lotion is to thin, it will dry out way to fast. You need a cream, for me as much as I wanted to stick with all natural the best cream that works for us is cetaphil. We start by bathing Kamden every other day because to many baths will dry your skin out as well. So unless he gets really dirty where a wipe down isn’t enough, then his butt takes a bath every other day. After washing him off with  Dr. Bronners peppermint soap, I apply organic unrefined coconut oil while he is still in the tub. This step has literally been THE BEST. The first layer or moisture you want to trap in is the water, just like we do with natural hair. So the oil does just that. When I first started this step with adding oil I used jojoba oil which is the closest oil to our natural skins oil, so you can definitely start with something light like that. Once he is washed and rinsed off and his oil is added I take him out and immediately add his cream. I never let him air dry, it happened once and his skin looked crazy and felt so dry. Those two things combined has kept his skin so soft and super hydrated.

Now that Kamden is 2 his cheeks show no sign that he’s ever had a problem, his legs still start to flare up lightly, especially when the weather is changing but once I follow our routine its back to normal. I do also apply cream to his skin in-between baths, you have to keep the skin hydrated so if you notice it getting dry, grab your product immediately!!! As for the apple cider vinegar you definitely don’t want to overdo it. For children i would say once a week vinegar bath, and dabbing every other day, which ever you choose. Always pay attention to how the skin reacts to each product you try to use.


All of the methods I mentioned work for regular dry skin as well. As for eczema its very tricky because it can be triggered by foods, soaps, allergies and so much more. So most of the time you have to pay close attention to what your triggers are. Hope this all helps ❤️

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