Top picks for dad ft. JORD watches

Father’s day is right around the corner. If your anything like me you might need some last-minute gift ideas. So hopefully this list helps a bit. Father’s day is June 18th this year, so we need to get these dads something special and fast.

For the dapper dads


I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these amazing watches by Jorg . It’s a beautiful hand crafted wood watch. Let me tell you how happy my husband was to add this to his collection. It’s definitely unique and works great with so many different styles. For starters it comes in an amazing wooden box, presentation is everything and this company has it down! It also comes with everything you need to keep your watch clean, fresh and conditioned. The box has a little drawer with a moisture remover to keep the watch in great shape. Like seriously though how unique is a wood watch? It’s definitely a piece I would suggest you add to your favorite dads collection. Luckily if you’re really interested in getting one of these I have Partnered up with Jord for you guys to enter in a $100 giveaway!! Also if you don’t win the $100 you will receive a $25 off code!  Make sure y’all get those entries in!!


                                                                For the average dad


I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of the amazon echo. Well, I feel that would definitely be a good choice for a father’s day gift. We all know men love their electronics especially when it limits their need to have to get up lol. They can use the echo to do just about anything from controlling the tv, smart home, emails or even connecting to their fit-bits. Its does everything, plus limits the amount of things us moms have to remember.

                                                                   For the hairy dad


~If your dad is anything like my husband using a razor on their face gives them bad razor bumps. So having a personal trimmer would be great, especially for use in between barber shop visits.


~Also my husband has been loving this new Shea moisture beard balm, he says it leaves his beard very soft and makes it so much easier to comb through after washing. They actually have a whole beard collection, which is pretty great to turn into a nice fathers day basket.
                                                         For the child at heart dad 


I know we all have one, they love their “toys”. Well, I’ve seen a lot of interest in these drones, especially know that they have so many capabilities. Like this one for example, it has a built-in camera, headset compatible, and Wi-fi plus so much more that means little to me but clearly a lot more to our dads.


Hopefully this list helps a bit, I know I’m generally lost when it comes time to shop! But also lets not forget it’s not always about what you buy, do what you can they will appreciate whatever they are blessed with (I would hope)!

Happy fathers day to all of the amazing, hard-working dads out there. We love and appreciate you all!

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