The struggle!


I literally have so much I want to share but when it comes down to me writing my entry my head starts spinning in a million directions. I wrote over 500 words twice and scrapped it because I don’t want to flood you all reading this.

As I sit here attempting to share some really important topics I can’t help but be distracted by the craziness of my family. I am on the sofa with a computer on my lap, tears dried on my face from the memories I was going through to write my initial post, I look up and my husbands attempting to get our family movie playing, my almost 2-year-old is stripping once again and trying to pee on the kitchen floor so we can chase him, this is his version of tag I’m guessing. My daughter is running behind him with his pull-up in her hand trying to stop him from leaving driblets on the floor, which by the way the dog is following to lick up. Yes, gross, complete and utter nastiness lol but this is our norm. The last time he played this game it didn’t end so well, he pee’d on the kitchen floor and took off running when he saw us coming we tried to block him off and he ran straight towards the pee and slipped completely on his back. He cried for a second and was back at it. Clearly he doesn’t learn his lesson. Needless to say potty training with number 3 is not the easiest.


This is usually the case when being a mom, it started during pregnancy where we could blame it on “pregnancy brain” now with my oldest 10 and youngest 1, I’m sure I cant blame the lack of remembering on them anymore right? No now I just blame them for my constant distraction, which is needed sometimes. Often times we get overwhelmed as parents when we are trying to do something and they constantly call us, most times for things that are unnecessary at the time. however I have to remind myself to take a step back from being overwhelmed and just appreciate the craziness. Honestly my life is missing a little extra crazy with Kaiden being gone, that pops in my head every time I get overwhelmed. Life is so short, so what a little pee got on the floor that is why we have a mop and loads of cleaner, so what there are toys all the way from the playroom through 2 hallways and finally landing in the living room that by the way I cleaned up twice already today. all of that can be aggravating but the memories are worth it. Honestly writing it helps me put that into perspective even more. I’ve been so flustered lately, feeling like there is so much I want to do and so little time in the day. I’ve been struggling to re-find myself sense loosing a huge part of me, but at the end of the day one thing that will never change is, I live for my kids. To see them happy and healthy is all I can ask for, being able to finish a post or book will come eventually. Even if it took 5 more hours or years than you initially thought lol.

Well, the fort is up and the movie is started, ✌🏾until next time with my crazy life without waffles!

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