Welcome to my life

So starting this blog has been something I have put off for years. Why? ………I honestly don’t know entirely. Part of the reason is I rarely put time into the things I want to do, I find myself always focusing on everyone else so I don’t have to focus on what im really going through. However I cant hide from my feelings forever and writing is my best way of expressing myself, and of course sharing my life with others hoping it will help someone else in the process.

My whole blog will be about my life, touching bases on parenting, lifestyle, fashion, hair care, food, fun and everything under the sun. I’m not perfect and I don’t strive to be, as parents we have to understand that. I just feel like my insight might give others a new understanding on life, and encourage people to focus on cherishing every minute we have with our children and loving life.

A little about me:

My name is Deja, I am a stay at home mom and wife. This didn’t come by choice but im beyond blessed that ive been able to stay home with my kids. I have 3 children, sadly only 2 are still here with me. My son Kaiden-“waffles” (i will get to that later) passed away from cancer after a long 5 year battle. He was 3 months old when diagnosed and fought hard his entire life. Kaiden gave my whole family a new perspective on life, but I will touch base on that in a later post as well. So as you can imagine our lives were turned upside down when he passed and we had to learn to live our lives missing a huge part of our hearts. It hasn’t been easy but we are still learning everyday. I have so much to share with the world and i hope it helps whoever reads it. ❤️

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